Target Markets

Foundations and Endowments

How do board members and investment committees come to the right decisions on investing money for endowments, nonprofit organizations and institutions? Acting as fiduciaries can make the decision very  stressful. Let us help.  Our extensive experience managing institutional money will help alleviate many of the concerns and worries that accompany these difficult investment decisions. We will help  create or modify the Investment Policy Statement and provide full investment advisory capabilities.  We supply consulting and fiduciary services in addition to our discretionary portfolio management solutions.


You’ve worked your whole life to accumulate your wealth, and now it is time for your investments to start funding your lifestyle. Most likely, you had more than one job over the course of your career, but have you consolidated all your retirement accounts into a streamlined approach? At this stage of life, it is critically important to have the right plan accompanied by the appropriate investment strategy. An emphasis on income and capital preservation may become more of a priority than aggressive growth and dividend reinvestment. Looking into the future, we will also provide estate and generational planning advice and work with your legal advisor to ensure all your wishes have been addressed.


Physicians lead demanding lives. With patients, business partners and the requirements of running a medical practice, there is often little time left over for family,  let alone keeping an eye on investment portfolios and overall financial pictures. Having another set of eyes on your personal financial affairs can help prevent many of the potential mistakes caused by inattention to these matters. We’ve worked with doctors for more than  15 years to redesign and maximize their qualified retirement plans and investment portfolios to better represent their needs and intentions.


As an attorney, your career demands that you put in more hours than seem available in a day, and obligations to your clients often require you to place your own financial planning affairs on the back burner. Delegating the wealth management process to a trusted advisor allows you to spend your off-work hours with family and friends.  Our client service approach focuses on efficiency – from opening accounts to implementing portfolios to strategic planning meetings. We are here to be your resource on your schedule.

Business Owners

Running a business often prevents you from being able to manage your financial affairs in a detailed and well-oriented manner. While you deal with customers, handle employee matters, manage the office and work countless hours, your investment portfolio and retirement plan may begin to shift away from what you had originally planned. We have extensive experience dealing with business owners and the myriad of financial circumstances that arise. Whether it be managing and redesigning your company’s retirement plan, providing investment management services for your corporate accounts or installing executive compensation plans, we have the tools and resources available to successfully address all of these matters. Genesee Capital Advisors will work closely with your accountant and attorney to ensure we are taking advantage of the various tax and legal strategies for your business.


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